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9 Key Steps For A Successful Tenant Move Out

There will come a time when your tenants will move out and you will have to start the rental cycle all over again. We have a great deal of experience in the move out procedure and have defined nine key steps you can use to conduct a successful move out.

Step 1 – Make sure there is a 30 day written notice to vacate in the lease.

Step 2–  Send the tenant detailed instructions regarding the move out around the 15th of the month.

Step 3- Contact the utility companies to turn on services the day after the move out.

Step 4- Call tenant an hour before the move out to confirm important details regarding the move out.

Step 5- Make sure you bring a move out inspection form, your camera and for rent signs to the move out.

Step 6- Collect keys and remotes from tenant and advise the tenant to wait outside. This will allow you to focus with no distractions.

Step 7- Complete move out inspection using your detailed form and descriptive photos.

Step 8- Review the facts of move out and advise tenants of disposition process. Have tenants sign the move out form.

Step 9- Compare move out vs. move in to determine deposit disbursement.

Our move out video goes into more detail about each of the steps. This video and all of our videos are great resources to use to when setting up and executing your move outs and property rental plans.