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Avondale licensing

Now that your offer on the rental home in Avondale has been accepted it is important that you check into the licensing requirements in that city a little known fact about the city of Avondale, in addition to the city rental taxes of 2.5%, the city also requires that all owners of rental properties have a transaction privilege tax license. These little unknown requirements by cities in Arizona can be quite costly if the rules are not followed. As a Phoenix Property Manager, we have been working with the cities for years to insure all our clients are in compliance and the good news about the City of Avondale you do not need an individual license if your property is being professionally managed.

In order to obtain a business license in for a residential rental in any Arizona city you will need to be register your home as a residential rental with the county Assessor. This can be done online or by filling out a form and mailing it into your local assessors office. For Maricopa county can be found on Maricopa County Assessor site. Failure to register as a rental with the county could be extremely costly with fines up to $150 per day in addition to city fines for not being properly licensed. Once you are registered as “Residential Rental” you can apply for a your city business license. Failure to obtain the proper licensing could result in ordinance violations with hefty fines attached in any city that requires a license. So be sure to research all of the licensing requirements in the city that you purchase your investment property in or contact a local Property Manager to help you navigate smoothly through the process!

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