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The New Look of Tenant Screening for your Phoenix Rental Property

According to Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix, tenant screening for Phoenix is about to take on a whole new look. Whether you think of screening as a tool to protect yourself and your investment or as a dreaded part of being a property manager, it is absolutely critical for your success and safety. Since
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Check out our New Podcast

Check out our new podcast. Our monthly podcast will have information about how to successfully manage rental properties.  The pod will cite actual real life examples of situations that landlords will encounter as well as solutions.On our introductory show, will look in detail at how to screen your tenant for your Phoenix rental home.  We
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Attracting & Retaining The Right Tenant in Phoenix

Getting and keeping a good tenant is the lifeblood of your Arizona Rental Property.  Taking the right steps to getting a solid tenant is even more important in Phoenix due to a high transient rental pool.The first step to rental success is to list your vacant rental property for the right price.  You need to be realistic
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