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HOA's – Landlord & Tenant Responsibilites

As a Phoenix Property Manager, we know that not all Home Owners Associations (HOA) have policies and procedures in place when dealing rental properties so it is important to check out the HOA rules prior to leasing your home. If your home is in an HOA, you have certain rights and responsibilities whether you are the tenant or home owner. It is important to research and know your responsibilities.   If you are a home owner of a rental property located within an HOA it is important to now that rules and regulations regarding your rental. Contact the HOA and find out their polices on rental properties prior to leasing your home. Be sure to collect any tenant registration forms that the HOA may require, since they can levy fines against you if not completed in a timely manner. Some HOA’s require the tenant to sign crime free addendum so it always a good idea to collect these forms prior to signing a lease.
Once the property is rented, typically the landlord is the first point of contact and the person held responsible for violations and payments of fines. Landlords within an HOA are responsible for ensuring that their tenant play by the association rules so it is important to quickly relay any information to your tenant so that they can remedy any issues and reimburse the landlord any fines. Additionally, when the information is quickly relayed to the tenant the tenant has the right to challenge or dispute violations and fines. The best way to prevent rule violations and fines is to provide the tenant with a copy of the CC&R’s. Since it is not always easy to deal with tenants that violate the HOA rules and regulations it is important to be sure your lease has a clause requiring compliance with all association rules and regulations.