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Inspections – Protecting your investment

Now that some time has gone by since you placed your tenants you have a numbers of worries and responsibilities including the extensive drywall damage to the ceiling from the AC leak that the tenant failed to report in a timely manner. As a Phoenix Property Manager we know, that you worry about your investment. Is the tenant taking good care of your home? Are other things leaking and causing damages that have gone unnoticed. One of the best ways to set your mind at ease is with periodic inspections. Conducting periodic inspection during the lease term provides an added incentive to tenants to keep your property in good shape. These inspections can help avoid costly HOA violations as you can advise your tenant to make any needed corrections hopefully before any costly violations or fines are issued. By conducting these inspections you may be able to address problems and/or tenant concerns regarding defects that may have been overlooked. Periodic inspections can also help with tenant management since with these inspections it will be more difficult for your tenant to sneak in for example an unauthorized pet or unauthorized occupant. Be sure to protect your investment be sure to complete periodic inspections throughout the lease term. Follow @rpmwvphoenix