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Quick Simple tasks to get your Home Rent Ready

Many landlords believe that a quick sweep through the home prepares it for a new resident, but this is not enough as they are missing some crucial steps. Here are a few simple steps to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape and ready for a new occupant.
One: Re-key the Locks
Yes, you collected the keys from the resident, but did they make spares? All outside locking doors should be re-keyed between each resident. Additionally, rotate the codes on any garage doors, access gates, exterior property gates, and mailboxes.
Two: Maintenance Assessment
Do a thorough evaluation of home. Check for leaking pipes and electrical functionality, light bulbs and fixtures, garbage disposals, cabinets, windows and screens, window treatments, heating and cooling devices, doors, etc. This should also include replacing air filters and batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The more detailed evaluation, the better!
Three: Upgrades or Repairs
More costly repairs are tricky to complete with a resident in the home. Assess the condition of all flooring materials, paint, bathtub surrounds, and major appliances. Now would be the time to make and repairs or replacements. 
Four: Exterior Clean Up
Don’t just look inside, look outside, too! Haul any debris from the yard, trim the trees, prune the bushes, and cut the grass. First glance needs to show the tenant how you want them to maintain the exterior and if there are weeds and debris you are not setting a good example!
Five: Cleaning
Even the best residents don’t often clean well enough. If needed hire a professional cleaning service for the job and get the carpets professionally cleaned. It makes all the difference in how the home shows and how quickly it rents.
These simple tasks will help you get your home in tip top shape quickly and easily. The better the home shows the more likely you will be able to place a tenant quickly. The last task would be to get your marketing done and get the home listed on the rental sites to place your next tenant!