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Tenant Communication is Key

Summer is nearly upon us, and many landlords experience a tenant turn-over in the summer related to school schedules. As a Phoenix Property Manager, we know that the summer is a busy time in the Phoenix rental market with tenants trying to get settled prior to the new school year. When your tenant move-ins in or signs the lease communication is key. Let them know when rent is due, when you will take action as a result of non-payment. This will help you avoid confusion later. Although personal relationships and conversations about these things are important, it is very important to document everything in the lease. Advise the tenant about what types of repairs they will be responsible for to complete or try before calling in maintenance. For example, it should be clear the tenant is responsible for changing all light bulbs, air filters and trying basic repairs like resetting the garbage disposal or trying “Draino” in a slow drain. These simple items should be as clear as the rent policy to avoid any issues. Having clear policies laid out with the tenant is an important key to a good working relationship with your tenant.