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The importance of Inspections

As Phoenix Property Managers, we know that as a landlord, you have a number of worries and responsibilities. It is not only important to make certain that your investment is protected, but it is just as important to ensure your home is safe for habitation. One of the best ways to accomplish both goals is with inspections. Conducting a move-in inspection documents the condition of the home when the tenant takes position so that there is no confusion at move-out. Periodic inspections preformed during the lease term provide an added incentive to tenants to keep your property in good shape, and you should have fewer problems with tenant concerns regarding defects or issues that are not being addressed. Additionally, by completing these periodic inspections it will be more difficult for your tenant to sneak in for example an unauthorized per or unauthorized occupant. Also, inspections are a good way to quickly nip any costly damages that may be occurring in the property. So to protect your investment remember with each tenant to complete a move in inspection, periodic inspections throughout the lease term and a move out inspection.