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Copper Thieves – Phoenix Rental Property

Arizona is known as the Copper State.  From what we have seen in the last few years it really could be referred to as the Copper Thief State.  If you own a phoenix rental property you need to be aware of the copper theft problem and how you can take one easy step to prevent it from happening at your property.

As we are sure you realize, your phoenix vacant rental property is a prime target for copper-jackers.  Copper is used at your property in the air conditioning system and often times the plumbing system.  To change out the plumbing system is an expensive undertaking however protecting your A/C is a very reasonable undertaking and costs way less than having to replace the unit.  The best way to protect the unit is to install a cage around the outside for a few hundred dollars versus paying several thousand if the unit has to be replaced and remember if they take the outside unit the air handler may not have a compatible replacement in which case you will be stuck replacing both!

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