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Monitor your ads, Avoid online scams

As a Phoenix Property Manager we monitor all of our rental listing daily. As an owner you may not realize the importance of monitoring your property listing. We have found that online predators will clone rental listing in effort to scam unsuspecting potential tenants. The cloned adds will look just like the original ad however they change the contact information so that they are receiving call on your property instead of you. The bogus ad my offer a reduced cost or move-in incentives in order to entice tenants to contact them for a quick “hassle free” move. We have had tenants arrive in Phoenix and go to what they thought was there new rental, only to find our  “FOR RENT” sign at the home and realize that they had been scammed. It is unfortunate that this does occur in the Phoenix rental market so it is important to take the extra steps to secure your investment. Monitor all of your online rental ads and check on your property during the vacancy period.