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Phoenix Home Owner Association Management Rules

Having grass in the front yard of a phoenix rental property requires more maintenance than just mowing.  Around the end of September you need to start preparing to over-seed your grass with winter rye which should be completed by mid-October. Then to ensure the full re growth of Spring Bermuda grass, you should accelerate the death of Ryegrass by letting it dry out in early May.  Typically, two weeks without water is sufficient to kill the Reygrass.  After it has turned brown, resume watering to encourage the Bermuda to come out of dormancy.  Unless you have a tenant who has a green thumb, it is recommended that the property owner include front yard landscaping services to avoid HOA violations or fines.  Alternatively, you can look at removing front yard grass and installing rock (only after approval from your HOA) which has a large upfront cost if done correctly but very little ongoing maintenance cost.