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Phoenix Property Management – Phoenix Property Managers Remind Owners and Tenants to Prepare Your Property for Fall

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s time to perform some property maintenance to ensure your Phoenix investment property is as prepared for the change in weather as you are. Your Phoenixproperty management team has a few tips to help you through this seasonal maintenance.

Seasonal Maintenance Tips from the Leading Phoenix Property Management Company

With summer winding down quickly, we recommend some basic services to protect the home and prepare it for colder winter air:
1.     Avoid expensive repairs by cleaning or replace AC filters & remove build up on fans.
2.     Step outside for a breath of fresh air … and enjoy the fall landscaping. Fertilization, pruning, and any other lawn care services (such as sprinkler line maintenance) should be completed to keep up the curb appeal of your home.
3.     Start thinking about any major pool maintenance that may need to be done such as an acid wash or a re-plastering as these items need to be done away from the summer heat.
4.     Got a fireplace? Time for a chimney sweep! Get it in clean working order so tenants can be comfortable and your property safe all season long.
Phoenix Property Managers Are Not Alone in Maintenance Responsibilities!
As a “do it yourself” Phoenix Landlord you do have obligations to keep the property well-maintained; your tenants do as well. Here are a few seasonal items they are responsible for:
1.     Take care of any safety hazards. Any items that pose an accident such as bulky carpets or loose hand railings s
hould be fixed.
2.     Check electrical sockets in use to ensure they are not warm to the touch.
3.     Inspect fire extinguishers to confirm they are properly charged.
4.     Check any alarms throughout the home and install fresh batteries.
5.     Review household safety and emergency plans; locate gas and water shut off valves.
6.     Clean/replace filters and vents as needed and vacuum under all appliances.
7.     Change furnace filters on a monthly basis.
8.     Ensure all doors and windows shut tightly.
9.     Clean all drains and traps to ensure proper drainage.
10.  Tidy up outside by storing hoses and similar items.
As a Phoenix property management company, we work with tenants to get your investment property ready for any season. It is a priority to help you keep your home and tenants protected by performing seasonal maintenance duties. If you are not up to performing maintenance on your own, contact the leading Phoenix property managers to assist you!

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