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Phoenix Property Management – Top 3 Reasons Why Your Phoenix Investment Property Shouldn't Have A Pool

To buy a Phoenix rental property with or without a pool  is the question….and a question we get a lot as Phoenix Property Managers!  We suggest whenever possible to purchase without a pool and here are the top three reasons why:

1. A pool and pool equipment are another thing that can break and/or need repairs at your Phoenix rental home and unfortunately the repairs are usually not cheap.  Additionally, as a landlord you will want to pay for regular pool service because leaving it up to the tenant can lead to more repairs and expense.

2. It is another legal liability.  Even if you have your tenants sign  a disclaimer about pool and pool fence liability the reality is that if something goes wrong everyone sues everyone! Also, as the home owner you are most likely to be the one in the equation who has assets thereby making you an easy target for a law suit.

3. You will need to become familiar with Arizona Pool fence laws.  Most likely your pool will need some  kind of modification  whether it be installing a removable pool fence or self closing doors.  Click here for an overview of the Arizona Department of Health & Safety pool fence rules.  

If the Phoenix rental property you fall in love with happens to have a pool there are some upsides.  In the summer time your property will rent faster than comparably properties without a pool.  Additionally, you can anticipate about $100 more a month in rent pool versus no pool.  Also, consider titling your property into an LLC for additional liability coverage.

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