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Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) Top 5 Goodyear Subdivision for Rental Properties

Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) analyzed single family rental property subdivision statistics within the main neighborhoods in Goodyear AZ utilizing the MLS (Multiple Listing System). We identified the top 5 rental property subdivisions in Goodyear, AZ for rent closing volume.

It should be noted that several Goodyear neighborhoods had double digit rental closings.  However, the data from Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) represents the top 5 subdivisions based on closed rental properties year to date.  

Goodyear, AZ – number of closed single family rental property transactions for year to date 2018 = 571.  Top 5 subdivisions break out as follows:

Palm Valley – 119
Estrella – 117
Canyon Trails – 93
Sarival Village – 45
Wildflower Ranch – 41

The top 5 rental property markets in Goodyear represent 73% of the closed rental property transactions in Goodyear, AZ for year to date 2018. This is in stark contrast to Surprise in which the top 5 neighborhoods only represented 36% of the total closed rental home volume.  The remainder was spread out among the other Goodyear neighborhoods.

Here is the closed rental property rental price for the top 5 Goodyear neighborhoods, AZ rental property subdivisions year to date 2018:

Palm Valley – $1716.00
Estrella – $1634.00
Canyon Trails – $1369.00
Sarival Village – $1325.00
Wildflower Ranch – $1299.00

Please note that homes in Palm Valley and Estrella tend to be larger  home with such amenities as three car garages and pools which explains the higher average rental price.

Overall the Goodyear area is an excellent area for Phoenix rental properties.

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