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Rentals Pet Policy

You have now completed all repairs on your home to get it rent ready and set the price. As you think about the funds you just spent getting your home into rent ready condition the thought of a potential pet in your home sends shivers down your spine. As a Phoenix Property Manager, we know the thought of allowing pets in your home can be scary however about 75% of all renters have at least one or more pet. Most of those pet owners are found to have cats or dogs with only a very small number having fish, reptiles or other types of pets. Most pet owners understand they are required to put down an additional pet deposit, the most common deposit is about a $250 / $350 in addition to the security deposit. Apartments may charge a pet rent however that is uncommon in a single family home. We do understand that it can be worrisome to allow pet in your home but if you’re not allowing pets, you’re turning away a large subset of renters. Limiting the number of pets, pet types and requiring a professional carpet cleaning receipt every so often are a good way to set your mind at ease when listing your property as pet friendly. WITH PET OWNERSHIP TRENDING UP, Having a pet friendly property is now, in addition to pricing and condition could put your property at a competitive advantage over those that are not pet friendly. Follow @rpmwvphoenix