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Rent Prices in Surprise vs. National Rent 2016-2019

This comparison looks at National rent prices vs Surprise rent prices from 2016-2019.
Real Property Management Phoenix valley has built a chart to show key figures so that you can get a good idea of how rent in Surprise, AZ has increased compared to the national increase in rent prices.
The below chart includes the following Surprise rental property rates based on rent cost per square foot times 2000 square feet. The national rent figures were provided by Zillow.

The data for Surprise  was collected from the Arizona MLS for unfurnished, non-vacation, detached homes.
There are some very interesting numbers in this chart. Over the last 4 years, rent prices in Surprise increased at a rate 18.7% greater than the national rent increase (23.9% Average Rent Increase in Surprise vs. a 5.2% National rent increase). The rent price in Surprise has increased $330 from 2016 to 2019. A 2000 sq foot property in Surprise fair rent price in 2016 was $1340 vs. $1660 in 2019. The average rental price Nationwide was $1,489 in 2016 vs. $1,566 in 2019. Rental rates nationwide have increased gradually but in Surprise you can call them very Surprising.
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