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The best tenant reasons for not paying the rent on time……

I thought I would share these entertaining reasons why a tenant can’t pay their rent on time as I figure that if a landlord hasn’t received their rent by the 12th of the month they can probably use a good laugh…..I hope you enjoy.

“I can’t pay my rent because my BMW is in the shop, and I can’t afford to pay for both.”

“I can’t pay the rent because my daughter ate my husband’s paycheck.”

“I deposited my paycheck in the bank teller machine and it got caught in the rollers.  It took six days to tear apart the machine.”

“I had my choice of paying the rent or buying a car. I bought a car.  I thought you would understand.” 

“I am sure I paid — YOU must have lost it.”
“It’s your fault.  You deposited my check too late.  My automatic withdrawals went through the bank before the rent check.”
“I am straight broke.”
“I can’t pay my rent because my income tax return was supposed to come in a week ago, so I spent all of the money from my paycheck, and now my tax return check has been delayed until 2 weeks from now.”
Lastly if I had $1 for every time a tenant told me they couldn’t pay because they were in the hospital I would be a VERY, VERY rich woman!