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The Six Most Important Aspects of Legal Notices for Phoenix Rental Properties

All investors at some point will need to serve their tenant with some kind of legal notice however it is imperative to pay close attention and follow the following to ensure proper service.

1. The “WHO” – Be sure to address the notice to all lease holding residents not just one and the notice must clearly contain your contact information unless you use an on-site leasing office.

2. The “WHAT” – Be sure to use the correct notice for example don’t issue a 10 day for a health – and – safety issue or a 14 day for a monetary demand.

3. The “WHERE” – The notice must be served in one of two ways; 1. Personally to an individual residing in the property or 2. via certified U.S. mail to the residence.  You may not post the notice to the front door or enter the property to “drop it off”.  

4. The “WHEN” – Notices must be served in a timely manner so we recommend within a few days of first noticing the issues.

5. The ‘WHY” – In your notice you must make the demand (remove the unauthorized pet), provide a time frame for compliance (10 days ), announce the consequence if the demands aren’t met (eviction) and describe the cause of the notice (pets are not permitted).

6. The “HOW” – If serving the resident in person, be sure to use a reliable server or if serving via US Mail take the notice to the post office yourself so that you keep copies of all documentation for your records.

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